Philip Glass joue Mad Rush

Among the comments, one can read: "I discovered the music of Philip Glass about two hours ago. I thought he was some kind of Modernist joke. The joke is, indeed, on me. Repetitious? This is life music, earth music, cosmic music. Anyone who ever gets tired of this must have become tired of breathing as well. This is respiration, circulation, digestion, cogitation. This is day to night to day to night, sun and clouds, moon and stars, forever and ever around and around. This is reproduction, gestation, birth, growth, reproduction, life, death, gestation. This is acorns swelling to oaks and casting acorns that swell into oaks as the old oaks fuel dancing flames. This is sowing, growing, reaping and seeding, spring, summer, autumn, winter, ever the same, always anew. This is empires rising, ruling, and falling, rising, ruling and falling, rising, ruling, and falling, over and over and over... This is six thousand years of recorded human experience sped up into fifteen minutes of seemingly effortless artistry. This - this is stunning. I will never be the same again." ('Dr Sam Johnson').

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